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The Mommy Jingles Musical Parenting Program includes:

8 video modules with musical cues for daily activities.
* Baby Games
* Transitions
* Waking Up and Getting Dressed
* In the Car (Fun on the Run)
* Mealtime
* Bathtime
* Bedtime
* Challenging Times

These videos will show you how to turn what you are already doing into
fun, learning experiences. Mix and match to fit your family and build
your own parenting style.

Each module is supported with a listening center so you can focus on
the jingles you want to use. Downloadable lyrics sheets and reminder
cards help you learn; even when your completely exhausted.

... the whole program is only $27

And you are never at any risk whatsoever!

Get Access Button Image-

In fact...

I GUARANTEE your total satisfaction

and your SUCCESS...

These lessons are so simple to follow ... these tactics so easy to
implement ... and the songs so effective in getting through to your
child, and producing instant and long-lasting results...

Simply stated, you WILL notice dramatic improvements in the way your
child behaves.

My goal with this course is that it overwhelmingly exceeds your
expectations and provides you real, tangible, LASTING value.

And I also want you to have plenty of opportunity to prove to yourself
just how amazing your kids - and your relationship with them - can be
... with just a little effort, and help from "Mommy Jingles". So here's
what I'd like you to do:

Take a FULL TWO MONTHS - 60 days...

...to decide this course is worth every penny to you. Use the
principles and strategies contained in "Mommy Jingles" during that
time, along with the songs themselves...

And if you're not thoroughly satisfied - for any reason or none at

If you're not positively THRILLED with the noticeable improvement in
your child's mood, behavior, and cooperation...

If you don't feel this program has been an absolute godsend for your
entire family...

Then I want you to let me know ... and I will personally and cheerfully
refund every penny you paid for the course. PLUS ... you get to keep
all materials and bonuses you've received up to that point! Total cost
to you: not one red cent.

That's my iron-clad, no-hassle, cross-my-heart-and-pinky-swear PROMISE
to you!

I'm sure you can agree: $27.00 is a small amount to invest in a happy,
harmonious home ... especially knowing you're always protected by my
60-day money-back guarantee of your satisfaction and success.

Get Access Button Image-

Here is my private wish for you and your child...

I have a dream that your child will be given the best start possible,
and that you could be encouraged to get any new skills you might need
to make your transition into parenting easier.

My dream is that all your children will grow to be creators, not just
consumers ... because they will have had a model to follow in their

I have a dream that you will embrace being your own child's best
teacher ... and you would invest in greater parental skill-building,
instead of in mere "entertainment technology" (like video games) or
programs "outside your home".

And perhaps most of all, I dream that yours can be a happy, singing
family ... because those are the families who will change the world ...
one child at a time.

It just makes sense...

Let me close by saying:

You are ALWAYS communicating. So doesn't it just make sense to
communicate with your child in a way that is well-proven to get through
to them effectively, quickly, and lastingly ... to get the results you
want rather than inadvertently compounding the problem - proven daily
by the real experts:

Moms like you!

I sincerely hope you'll give "Mommy Jingles" a chance to prove itself
in your home ... in the car ... at the park, and the mall, and anywhere
else you used to encounter stressful situations with your child.

...starting today.

Your child will grow up knowing ... they're one of the lucky ones.

Love and hugs -

amy signature image-

P.S. - Perhaps the magic of using Mommy Jingles is best summed up this

You just might end up having

the relationship with your child that you've always dreamed of...

Get Access Button Image-

P.P.S - Remember, you have only a very limited time to claim your
FAST-ACTION Gift Bundle - so please don't delay another moment.

And there's never any risk to you (it's all on MY shoulders) because
you're fully protected by my 2-Month 100% Money-Back Mommy Jingles
Satisfaction Guarantee! (Remember - if you're not happy for ANY reason,
I'll refund every penny you've paid ... and you even get to keep any
materials and gifts you've received to that time.)

P.P.P.S. - And now here are just a few of the comments I hear from
excited parents.
"You have a great way of communicating from the heart the work of
parenting and the simple benefits of music and song. I loved hearing it
and, while I always love to sing, it's given me renewed inspiration to
sing through the periodic rants of our sweet three year old."

Best to you and yours
- Prentice (father of 3)

"Mommy Jingles has made such a difference for us! My 2-year-old now
allows her teeth to be brushed with no protest. She even looks forward
to it! I highly recommend this for any parent of an infant or toddler."

- Jennifer

"There is nothing, and I mean NOTHING like `Mommy Jingles' offered
anywhere. (Trust me, I've looked around). Sure, there are lots of
resources out there meant to help moms gently parent their children
through song, but Amy's course offers so much more than just the songs.

Her approach, her suggestions, her tips and tricks, as well as the
video that guides you through each lesson is so well put together,
memorable, and most of all PRACTICAL.

Although my daughter was already 18 months old when I started, I was
STILL able to use about 70% of the material Amy presents. This course
is well worth the small monetary and time investment.

Thank you Amy. You've helped me reframe how I interact with my daughter
during those more trying aspects of our day: teeth brushing, getting
dressed, getting into the car seat, etc. You are a blessing to peaceful

- anonymous

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